illumina Photography


Capturing the beauty

of sacred moments

Welcome to illumina photography

I’m Lucia, the creator behind illumina, a studio that specializes in producing authentic & conscious content for mindful women, female entrepreneurs, yoga teachers & studios, wellness activities, couples, and soulful embodiment portraits.


I strongly believe in images’ power and ability to resonate 

with people when created with authenticity, and I’m here to help you convey your message.


I look forward to meeting you and collaborating 

to bring your vision to life!

Wellness Photography

Yoga / Retreats /Movement

Portrait Photography

Embodiment / Boudoir / Couples

Personal Brand Photography

Business / Entrepreneur

Looking for stunning photos that capture your essence?

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I believe each project is as unique as the person behind it, and I’m here to inspire you

and help you bring your vision to life.

I’m detail-oriented, relaxed, and passionate about planning.

I will assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind project tailored to your needs.